Talking Karate Kid


  • This is the story of a boy named Wei iee. Nephew of the great warrior Hein Hon, he has been sent to his uncle's school to learn life beyond eating and sleeping.
  • You have the option to interact with him or teach him his uncle's "stuff". Go to Sùshè (dormitory)and interact with him.
  • Talk to him, and he will repeat in his voice.
  • Avoid touching his face. Even if you do so, don't do it multiple times. He is dizzy 24/7
  • He eats too much, don't believe us? Tap on his stomach and see for yourself.
  • If he acts too naughty, swipe anywhere across on his body. We hope he will eventually learn his lessons.
  • He doesn't like when someone plays with his cheeks. You can try though. Use two fingers to stretch his face (as if you were to zoom out)
  • Zoom out in the bottom half (around his legs) he will show how to do full split.
  • Tap on his right hand to see some cool stuff he has learnt recently
  • Tap on his left hand at our own peril. Just that old habits die hard.
  • Tap on his legs to see even more cool stuff. Multiple taps may surprise you.
  • There are object and buttons, tap them and experience some Wei iee magic.
  • And one last thing, if you would want to, you can tap on the two pics in the background too.
  • In addition to the interactions above, you can also record your interactions with Wei iee as video and share them through mail/twitter/facebook/twitter etc.