Talking Jerry Bros.

They run and they hide. They play and they fight. They talk and they bite. They are The Jerry brothers.


  • The cute little rodents took the App Store by storm. Featured in more then 100 countries, they drove close to 500k downloads around the globe with an average rating of above 4. With over 4 million minutes spent playing with them, those who played with them loved them.
  • Be a part of an epic battle between these two mice
  • Talk to them, and they will repeat what you say, in their own way.
  • If they are peeping from within the walls, tap the cheese and enjoy the race to get to it.
  • Want to make them run and hide? Just tap on the light switch.
  • Want to see them fight? Poke any one of them on ears, eyes, hands, tummy or legs and enjoy the show.
  • If you like them, press the record button and share through Facebook, Twitter, Mail, WhatsApp, LINE etc. Short video clips can be a lot of fun.